The Hiatus Is Over


We.  Are.  Back.   I can scarcely remember how long it has been…4 years?  4 years since we went on an adventure (7 years since the tale began, oh how time does fly).  So hopefully there’s still a chance!  Hopefully some of you are still out there that enjoy the ramblings-on of this non-conventional husband and wife…and of course, all those recipes.

The nature of this story began when we fulfilled one of my husband’s requests on his “want list” and created a website.   We were living in rural Nebraska on a farm…and Bshine being from the city, we tried to do some things that  farmers do.  Cultivating a gigantic garden was in order and ending up being one of our very favorite things.  We grew everything from your standard peaches & cream corn and  Big Boy tomatoes to the unique Romanesco cauliflower and rarely-heard-of rhubarb.  Our potato harvest of 2012 lasted us through the entire winter (Do I sound like an old-timer!?!)!   Classes on canning and homesteading  helped us to successfully live off our land, which is a reward I cannot do justice by trying to describe it with mere words.  Our little farm was not complete without chicken and ducks, which didn’t go so well and I’ll never do again (that is a whole other story for another time…but when your husband says “well, honey, we do have a chicken coop”  …just say no.)   Don’t get me wrong, I loved every single one of those hand-picked little balls of fluff…and I’ll stop there because you can see where this is going and while the story is not completely tragic (they found a real farm to be chickens at), it’s still heartbreaking to love all animals.  Thankfully our suffering was minimal.  Our lovable hunting dog, Ginger, excitedly bringing me the heads of 3 of the chicks we actually hatched is an experience I never want to have again and our garden got hailed out at the height of our 2 second season when everything was perfect.  It stunk.  But like all things and situations, little by little with a lot of tears, love, sweat and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease, there was rebirth.

You all came along with us in the form of a blog with yummy, fatty, down-to-earth recipes.  Like most couples, we love to cook together… cooking shows and internet blogs were all the rage several years ago and just like the chickens, he says … “honey, we have the time and I have the knowledge…”  And so Shines Palace was born.  I rambled on, he got to the point and somehow it all worked.  And you liked us.  I mean, you REALLY liked us, and our host shut us down.  We were astonished.  But of course in the scramble to figure out exactly what the heck we were going to do, real life hit us in the face.  I don’t need to go into a lot of detail because stuff happens to everyone, but everything DID change.  Life changing events and death.  But yet again…there was rebirth.

New Life.  New Direction.  Same shenanigans…   So our living situation has “done a 90”.  Let me explain.  We went from rural farm in Nebraska, to small town on the Colorado plains.  Not.  Much.  Different.  Except there was a Wal-Mart 10 minutes from the farm in Nebraska … here it’s 30 …                                                                 Our focus, however,  has done a 180.  Not only have our recipes changed (Don’t worry, gold members!  We are bringing back the old recipes in an archive section!) but we’ve taken a left turn at Albuquerque!  If I’ve learned anything it’s that change happens by the second these days and if you aren’t moving forward you’re standing still, or worse, moving backwards.   “Bloom where you’ve been planted!” I’ve been told, so yes…there’s been yet another chicken/website/new-hair-brained-idea conversation which brings us 360 degrees to full circle where it all started…”honey, I think we should try streaming…”

So begins the new chapter which we aptly refer to as Bshine and Gyrl:  A Gaming Love Story .   Come back and follow along here or in the very near future watch it live as it’s happening at

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