Adventures of a Gaming Couple in the World of Twitch

Adventures of a Gaming Couple in the World of Twitch

My original intention was to start this when we started streaming, but everything happened so fast, then time stopped and well…this blog isn’t going to be for that (maybe…lol).  The purpose of this was to document the streaming adventure but I find it hard to separate business and pleasure, so this may prove to be the dumbest thing or the smartest thing (isn’t it always?) that I’ve done so far.  Strictly streaming here and I’ll try to remember that (I’m still trying to remember how he talked me into this in the first place so we may ALREADY be in trouble). 

I’m going to move onward and upward by summing up the first month in 2 words: hot mess.  I have ugly gaming face, deciding on games was a nightmare (because I’m not very good at any of them, sadly, except maybe the one he won’t play on stream LOL), not being able to change the setup based on suggestions just yet…the list goes on and on.  This has been very frustrating for Bshine, because honestly, I have done very little, if ANYTHING, besides show up to play games.  He IS the brains of our little family and he has done most of the research and all of the design but…he also has the most time at the moment to do this.  I will get fully immersed in the technical/graphical designing of all of this one day, I promise.

So today is Wednesday November 8, 2017.  This will be the official, official restart of the stream (yes, it was supposed to happen a few days ago but unfortunately real life also keeps happening and screwing everything up!  Which kinda feels like a plot against us by life.  Have you ever felt that way?  That every time you try and do one particular thing, something always comes up, something always goes wrong…ugh!!!).  The last time I checked, which honestly was a while ago, we had 13 followers, I think one other person followed while I was on their stream (Thanks SpectreKombat!).   This process sucks!  Why did I think this was going to be an easy thing?  Because honestly, how hard CAN it be, right?  Right?!?!?!?  (I want to kick myself for these thoughts, I really really do.  For real.  Kick my own ass.).

So I’m going to make an admission here that I wouldn’t normally make this early in our journey, but I’m about being real these days… I was a snarky bitch that thought streaming was just turning on a camera.  TBCH, I’m kind of a snarky bitch about a lot of things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  well…people have called me that, I say strongly-opinionated-teller-of-truths cause I’m not into name calling, but whatevs.  I guess it is shorter and rolls off the tongue in an oddly satisfying way.  If someone has to wear the crown… 

Anyway, back to this not being easy…  You saw what I wrote up there ^ … I haven’t done anything on the technical aspect so I’m not even talking about that!  Look, I’m chatty.  I have more words to say than an encyclopedia and dictionary put together (I love aging myself with obsolete research tools from the past.  Thanks Internet!).  But turn that camera on and my mind goes as blank as this document was before I started typing.  And I’m even on my own turf!  The ball’s in my court!  I’m in control!  This is MY kingdom and I’m intimidated in my own bedroom…LOL.  More so, I have something that most streamers don’t have, I have a partner to talk too!!  I can’t imagine how incredibly hard (especially in the excruciating days when no one is in your channel) it is to talk to yourself.  Yes, I talk to myself all the time (I’d actually be quite embarrassed if you heard some of my conversations with myself), but again…lights…camera…action…BLANK…   What’s even more bananas is when people are there…I was even more blank.  Where is this social awkwardness coming from??  Honestly, if I was on a stage and we were all in the same room I’d feel more comfortable and that cannot sound anymore backwards!   Maybe it’s because I would be able to see the faces and know someone is there, instead of seeing a number go up and down and wonder exactly whom is there.  The void of not knowing has become my biggest fear.

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  • November 9, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    I feel the same way in a lot of areas of my life too. I have 80-90 minutes of commute time each work day, and during that time I talk out loud, rehearse scenarios, come up with GREAT dissertations on a many topics. The minute i go to put them to paper……. uh.. frozen. I have won many a conflict that has never physically happened. If only we were in our early 20’s at this stage of tech, even 10 years ago, imagine how much more comfortable we would feel.. I get super stoked thinking about turning on the stream and making it looking like I’m a seasoned vet, but when watch the replay…delete!! ~JS~


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