10 Things Needed for a Relaxing Bedroom

After long and tiring days, everyone searches for a place to rest and reset and there is just no other place like the bedroom.   It’s one of those spots that we inadvertently look at all starry eyed and there’s a motivation behind why the bed is known as the sweetest hello and the hardest farewell.  The room, however, is just a single space in a hectic world but with the right furnishings can become a one-of-a-kind, relaxing oasis.  Here is the rundown of 10 simple things that will make your stay in those 4 walls worth having.

10. Oil Diffusers, Air Fresheners, and Candles

What is one of those important things that most people need to relax?  Fresh air circulating that smells good.  It has been scientifically proven that your sense of smell can alter your mood.   Most of us are guilty of over stuffing a room with things like furniture, workout equipment, etc and the air gets blocked, hence giving rise to a denser environment where odor enters and can hardly get out.  Oil diffusers, air fresheners and candles help to create an air of calm.  We recently started to use an oil diffuser and while I do not hold any credence to the aromatherapy as a real science (like my wife does), I will say the scents are actually very nice.

I have always used air fresheners and there are tons of options such as these:


If you are able to go with an oil diffuser I would choose this path instead for a few simple reasons.  You can diversify options in oil as the mood strikes.  During cold winter nights you can diffuse sandalwood for that log cabin feel and during hot summer days,  a refreshing lemon oil can be emitted.  The machines are safe to run during the night and provide some humidity which is nice if you live in a dry climate like we do here in Colorado. One of the most important parts is that you purchase a diverse oil set with small sample sizes so you can test the scents without the waste if you don’t like them. 



9. Rug

Another thing that is very important is having a soft surface to welcome your feet when you get out of bed.   Rugs are your friend.  When you wake up,  putting your feet on a cold floor might not be the wake up call you are looking for, but with the right rug to take your first step of the day on, you will realize that this is definitely the start you were looking for. The best options depend on room size and space.


8. Side Chair or Bench

Now most of the people won’t get into the bed straight away. Obviously you need some time to sit down and read, send off last minute emails, tweets, or right your drink or evening tea. Side chairs or an end of the bed bench are perfect and they complement the entire room. With a chair or bench you can add further furniture that will help you get more out of that room and make it look as complete as possible. While chairs provide back support and can help you relax before laying down, a plus in the bench category is most can also be used as extra storage for blankets or shoes, these are my favorite in both options. 

7. Smooth Color Pattern

You can’t put any color on the wall then try to call it a bedroom. Once again, you need to have a bedroom with decent color tones and patterns in it. When the entire room is designed on a soothing color pallet it will give a huge difference to the overall feel and ambiance. An elegant mixture of taupe, creams and whites is tranquil. Colors like pale blue and white with light grey are something you should be looking for.

These are some of the most pleasant bedroom color pallets:


6. Lighting

So when you have the soothing tones and elegant choice of colors settled you need to get a hold of some lighting. So anyone can easily guess that only soft lighting is going to do the trick. But just in case if you can’t get the lights right make sure you have the dimmers settled with every single one so that you can use them to their full beam and also reduce it at night. Studies have also shown that people who have low lights in their room at night can fall asleep quicker.


5. Window Customization

 Curtains are often over looked but an important essential in the bedroom. I can say in most of my apartments I rented I never even thought about putting up curtain, until I started doing late night server maintenance and IT. I was getting home at 3 or 4 am, any bit of light coming through a window is terrible when you are sleeping and the sun is out and can really is disrupt your sleeping patterns. Black out curtains are an amazing way to  help control light and atmosphere in the bedroom, and they come in so many styles that it does not have to look bad, you know for when your bringing  your date back to the place.

4. Side Tables

Here is one of the important things that most of the people overlook when they are trying to get things right in their bedroom. In a perfect world you’ll have a surface for your lights and whatever else you jump at the chance to have helpful: clock, glass of water, most loved photos. In choosing these household items, don’t hesitate to blend the style of the side tables on either side of the bed. Doing this displays a chance to coordinate the propensities for every sleeper to each end table, be it a streamlined one or one with capacity.

I like storage and drawers to these are perfect for me. 

My wife likes streamlined, and it did not need to include the storage I wanted.

3. Linens & Pillows

Let’s move towards the bedding now. It’s one of those things that keep on revolving with the seasons because obviously when its winter you’d like the pillows to change their stuff as well. So once again you need to go for all of the softest material and sheets around. Accent pillows are an outline decision individuals have a tendency to vary on incredibly, and they do not have to have flowers on them like your grandmothers throw pillows, check these out.

Bed sheets certainly have an array of material to choose from, cotton, satin, silk, flannel. I will tell you stick with cotton, Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton or flannel for cold weather places. Let me also add about thread count according to Consumer Reports, a thread count of 200 is fine; 400 may be softer. But anything above 400 will likely only provide a higher price tag and no difference is felt or seen in quality or feel of the fabric. Match the color with your room, but I prefer to ovoid white for many reason but the biggest is because we have puppies.

One more thing about bed sheets it is wise to have at least two sets. Rotate and wash your sheets every two weeks or at least once a month.

2. Picture Frames

You’re in the bedroom and right on the wall or on the side tables you have a place where you can have a look at your loved ones. Putting the picture frames in your room can also make you look at them at night and feel good about life. This puts a very good impact on the mood as you go to sleep. As a young male I can say I did not do this I put posters or art up never photos, I was never told or thought about the impact of this. Photos of family and friends even yourself during a happy times or with a pet can do the job, when you are falling asleep it is time a of reflection on your day whether the day was good or bad photos can help ground and calm your head to help drift into sleep. 

Getting picture printed has never been easier with many online services to help.

Style in frames choice are wide, I worked as a studio owner and photographer for several years and know there are a million and one choices out there, I prefer simple black because they do not distract from the photo but there are some other I love.Here are a few of my favorite frames.


1. Mattress

The absolute most essential component in the room is a decent mattress. A model that fits your specific needs will have a major effect in the rest your body gets every night. There are apparently unlimited choices, so set aside the opportunity to inquire about the potential outcomes inside your value go online before making a beeline for a bedding store to test them. Once out shopping, take as much time as necessary in settling on a choice; it’s a buy you’ll no doubt be living with for a long time. These mattress here are great and tend to last for a great amount time.

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